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"No dream is too big, no destination is out of reach"

Zahra Khan

Our Founder


No dream is too big, no destination out of reach. Born into an entrepreneurial family, Zahra always had a passion for food and believed she would open her own cafe one day. In 2018, she fulfilled her dream with Feya Cafe, that she proudly called after her first daughter Sophia. 

Zahra baked her first cake when she was 8. She first started baking with her mother, who always encouraged her pursue her passions. While doing her undergraduate degree in Toronto, Zahra already had her independent baking services. 

The positive responses from her clients gave her the confidence to pursue her dream. She applied and was admitted into Gordon Ramsay’s Tante Marie Culinary Academy, the UK’s oldest cookery school. As baking has always been about sharing with others, Zahra also continued making beautiful cakes for her friends' weddings and birthdays. 

Excelling in culinary school, Zahra began to look for prime sites in central London to build the bakery of her dreams: Feya Cafe. From the pale and flowery decoration to the delicious brunch menu, Zahra worked hard to the day she finally opened the cafe on 23 James Street in June 2018. 

They say the most magical things are destined to happen at the right time and that is exactly what happen for Zahra Khan. 2018 was also the year the entrepreneur became the mother of Sophia - which inspired the name of Feya.

The success of the cafe was outstanding and allowed Zahra to open a second cafe in Knighstbridge a year later. The lavender-themed cafe is three times the size of Feya Marylebone, but remains a place where indulgence and self-care are celebrated. 

An inspiration for women, 2019 also the year she became the mother for the second time, weeks after she opened DYCE, a DIY dessert shop next to Feya Oxford Street. 

Zahra took the bold step of fulfilling two of her life-long dreams of becoming a mother and opening her own business.


She continues to remain focused, dedicated and motivated to make Feya a place of wellness and happiness.