Our Story


Zahra Khan is the sole founder of the revolutionary London hotspots Feya Cafe and DYCE London. At the age of 29, she is a mother of two daughters, an exemplary graduate of the iconic Tante Marie Culinary Academy and a pioneer in the movement towards female equality in business. 

Just months after the birth of her first daughter in 2018, Zahra took on the task of launching her first ever debut eatery, Feya Cafe in Bond Street - now loved and enjoyed by many people who visit from across the world. 


Following unprecedented success, DIY dessert parlour and interior masterpiece DYCE was opened in quick succession, followed by flagship Feya Knightsbridge in December 2019.  


Both cafes channel a beautiful blend of art and food to create an escape for those visiting. It is a place where indulgence and self-care are celebrated.


Her extraordinary talents as an entrepreneur, chef and mother have earned her nominations for Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 (Federation of Small Businesses UK), London Business Mother of the Year 2020 (Venus Awards) and Business Owner of the Year and Businesswoman of the Year (National Women's Business Awards 2020)

With a 75% female workforce, empowerment has always been the backbone of Feya, making women feel confident when they step into the beautiful cafes.


Zahra is a firm believer that a successful business combines social impact and revenue-generation, therefore it is no surprise that she launched Feya Cares in 2020, a social initiative aimed to empower young women. 

Feya is excited to announce a very special launch near the end of 2020 which will be part of the Feya Cares initiative. This exciting launch will not only bring customers closer to the brand, but will have a very impactful mission with a purpose of highlighting the importance of female empowerment and tackling issues women face within a professional space, such as gender and racial inequality.

A CEO with ethical and sustainable values, Zahra and her team also stand against food waste and as a result, both Feya and DYCE are partnered with food-sharing organisations like Too Good To Go and OLIO. 

Zahra and the rest of the Feya team are proud to have worked and collaborated with many brands, organisations and charities. From hosting events, to catering events, Feya continues to bring joy and inspiration to all their partners.