Feya COVID-19 Policy

In Store Operations (Sanitising and Disinfecting)

All work tops and surfaces that are regular ‘touch points’ are sanitised at the start and at the end of every shift. All work tops and ‘touch points’ are also cleaned and sanitised regularly throughout the day. 

At both of our Feya branches only company-approved cleaning chemicals are used for the cleaning of the cafés. These include detergents, sanitiser sprays and sanitiser gels that are effective against various types of bacteria and viruses such as COVID-19.

All ‘touch points’ surfaces are routinely cleaned using a sanitiser spray and disposable roll. These surfaces include table tops and chairs, menus, displays, door handles etc. 

In addition to the above, all tables are to be kept cleared before customers are seated. Once our customers have been allocated a table and are ready with their order, they are brought the cups/glasses, all relevant crockery and cutlery. 

Customer areas, such as tables and chairs, bar tops and instagrammable installations are cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis throughout the day. 

As our bathroom facilities are open for customer use, they will be regularly checked and cleaned every 2 hours. While the sanitising is taking place the toilet facilities are to be closed for customer use.

Social Distancing and Face Coverings

We have positioned floor markings outside our cafés and we have readjusted the tables in our stores in order to be compliant with the current government regulations. We have also set a maximum capacity in the most crowded areas in our cafés, such as our frequently-requested Bird Cages in our Knightsbridge branch, where the maximum capacity is 3 people per table. 

Where customers are required to queue to get a table at any of our branches, the queuing area is marked and regulated by the staff. Our team controls and regulates the number of people in each café by following the current government guidelines and by informing customers of the new regulations upon arrival.  

At the entrance and at the pay point of both of our locations we have also added a sanitising station for customers to use when entering and leaving the store. Feya staff is instructed to inform our guests to be wearing the face coverings when not seated and to encourage our customers to use the sanitising gels. 

In our stores we aim to make you feel welcome and comfortable, and even though these are very challenging times, we want to make sure that you will enjoy your experience at Feya, this is why all our staff is trained and regularly reminded to avoid touching their eyes, nose and mouths while working and to wash their hands regularly and wear masks at all times during the duration of their shift in both of the branches. 



If a staff member indicates any kind of COVID 19-related symptoms, such as fever, coughing etc, they will be excluded from work and asked to stay home for the duration of 14 days. Before coming back to work they need to present a note that they are fit to work.