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Men are no better than Women.

Women are no better than Men.

We believe in EQUALITY.



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Feya Cares is a social initiative by Chef Zahra Khan to empower women and fight gender gap

From the sale of each product, 10% of the profits will be donated to Feya’s partner charity, working towards female empowerment and helping them to foster entrepreneurism and bolster employability.


We strongly believe that this will increase women’s employability, confidence level as well as reduce income gap and dependencies on others; ultimately narrowing the gender gap.

We stand with the United Nations Sustainability Goal 5


The retail products launched under the initiative carry its own unique message of empowerment and motivation, encouraging women to take a break from the ordinary and celebrate the little things that make us different.


With beautifully illustrated, unique packaging showcasing women of diverse ethnicities, each product in the line-up aims to inspire you to escape reality, explore your imagination and celebrate diversity. 

Have a look at the meaning behind each of our thoughtfully designed packaging:

Feya Truffles women empowerment
Feya Teas women empowerment
Feya Chocolates women empowerment
Feya Hot Chocolate women empowerment
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"Bring Feya Café’s best selection of edible assortments home this Christmas, with its Luxury Hamper. The chic basket hamper includes Feya’s tea boxes, chocolate bars, gold flake jam, and so much more..."


"Feya Retail Line by Chef Zahra Khan comes with a mission to empower women and reduce the gender gap..."


"Meet Founder of Feya, Chef Zahra Khan, who is on mission to empower women amid a pandemic..."


"The West London-based eaterie has a luxury hamper made for self-care this festive period. A lined wicker basket filled with flavoured teas, gold speckled jam, gourmet chocolate bars and luxury hot chocolate, plus a box of truffles so you can properly indulge..."


"The brand also holds ethical and sustainable values whilst boasting a 75% female workforce! Their hamper would make a perfect self-care gift for someone special..."


"Lovely London Café Feya Has Launched A New Range Of Delicious Products That Support Female Empowerment..."

feya time out london.jpg

"Founder @chefzahrakhan has just launched Feya Retail Therapy 🛍, with a range of chocolates, preserves and homewares every bit as enticing as the café. What's more, 10% of profits go towards Feya Cares, an initiative supporting charities which empower women..."


"This luxury hamper is full of pastel-coloured teas, chocolate, truffles and more, annotated with sweet illustrations with a magical, starry theme. Not only does it look the part, it all tastes delicious too with the full range..."


"From bougie boutique London spot, Feya Café, comes this luxurious hamper filled with all their newly created retail products, including herbal teas, gold-flake jam, hot chocolate and more delicious treats..."


"Chef, Entrepreneur, Mother: How Pakistani Woman Zahra Khan Is Breaking Down Stereotypes & Moving Towards Female Equality In Business..."


"During the pandemic Feya celebrated the launch of their retail line of luxury teas, jams and chocolates alongside a selection of other delectable treats..."

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