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Welcome to Feya Marble Arch 

In July 2022 Feya opened its third cafe restaurant in one of London’s well-known historical
landmarks - Marble Arch. 

Feya collaborated with Ramona Pintea, the Woman Empowerment Sensation known for her abstract and figurative artwork and her 'Wear your Crown' movement, which aligns with Feya’s core values and mission to empower women and reduce the gender pay gap. Ramona curated two unique murals inspired by Women Empowerment, so our guests can expect an exquisite one stop visionary experience.  

Feya Marble Arch also displays a truly unique feature that hangs from the ceiling and illuminates the space.
The glistening ‘Hand of Inspiration’ symbolises the spark of creativity, which aims to inspire all women to be creative and bring joy and beauty to the world.

The newly launched branch is also offering a brand new menu that consists of cosmopolitan influences from
all around the globe and, of course, some of Feya’s signature dishes. 

From Thursday to Sunday you can also enjoy Live Entertainment throughout Brunch and Dinner,
which is the perfect mix for the London dining scene.


If that wasn’t enough to excite you, Feya Marble Arch will also be the first location to launch a new and innovative concept inspired by Modern Graffiti Art, Feya Underground.

Hidden beneath the main space you will find a secret Instagrammable location displaying colourful graffiti wall art and ‘Glow in the Dark’ theme.

At Feya Underground you can enjoy classic street food dishes such as burgers, chicken strips and fries.


Visit Us

Ground Floor, Unit 4, 6 Marble Arch Place, London, W1H 7EJ
Feya Underground
Basement, Unit 4, 6 Marble Arch Place,
London,W1H 7EJ

Monday - Thursday: 9:30- 22:00
Friday - Sunday: 9:30- 23:00


Closest Station

Marble Arch 

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